The photograph that you see at Carling and Parkdale features laboratory technician Sharon Argue (standing on the far right) inspecting new medical equipment during Governor General Roland Michener’s visit to her laboratory in the late 1960s. Sharon began working as a laboratory technician (now known as a laboratory technologist) at the Grace Hospital in Ottawa in 1966(demolished in 1999), shortly transferring to the pathology department of the Ottawa Civic Hospital. She retired in 2013.

Most of the technicians working in hospital laboratories at the time were women, in a time of great medical discovery and innovation. However, when historians talk of the many significant breakthroughs in medical technology in the second half of the twentieth century, the work of these women is often undervalued, instead seeing nursi.

While each woman was trained in many research and testing areas, they usually focused on one or two during their working lives. Sharon had two specializations during her career: analysing specimens for haematology and biochemistry for the critical task of disease screening. This website showcases a fascinating array of photographs, documents, and artifacts from Sharon’s personal collection.

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