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Title: Image of the exterior of the Duchess of Cornwall and York streetcar, 1901. CA000166 (MG464). Approved for online and print by Theresa Sorel, Special Media Archivist at the city of Ottawa Archives.

Between 1870 and 1959 rail tracks zig-zagged through Ottawa’s streets, bringing commuters from Britannia Beach to Rockcliffe Park and everywhere in between. In 1901, the future King George V and Queen Mary embarked on a Royal Tour of Canada. To honour their visit, the Ottawa Electric Railway Company (OER) converted a streetcar from their Britannia Line, Car 204, into a luxury car named The Duchess. The alterations included painting the trolley a dark green, adding the British Coat of Arms to the front and rear, installing olive green plush cushioned chairs, dark blue carpets and hat racks.

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